OFFICERS  (One year term; elected by the Board from among its members)

President - Thad Davis, Payroll On Time, Inc.

Elisa Edgington - VCA Woodstock Animal Hospital

Treasurer - Cory Hansen, City Sanitary Service

Secretary - Eric Norberg, THE BEE newspaper

BOARD (in addition to the above)

Ann Sanderson, Odango Hair Salon

Nancy Chapin, TSG Services

Susan Williams, KeyBank Woodstock

Marah Anderson, New Seasons Market

Jin Darney, Woodstock Farmers Market

Stacey Lennon, Portland Tribune newspaper

Terry Griffiths, or Becky Luening, or other WNA Board member, as Woodstock Neighborhood Assn. Liaison  (Per the WCBA bylaws, there is one permanent voting seat on the WCBA Board for an official representative from the Woodstock Neighborhood Association).

Stephenie Frederick, Brentwood Darlington Neighborhood Association 
(BDNA has a permanent voting seat on the WCBA Board, inasmuch as WCBA is charged by the City of Portland with also being the Business District Association for the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood)